Stretching has been something that was taught to us at a young age during P.E class in order to prevent injuries. For the most part, one would stretch before exercise as a source of warm up before the actual warm up, but never after exercise. Have you ever wondered if this is the right way […]


I’m sure we all have fallen into what our friends are trying to do to lose weight, or what we have seen on social media. The fact is in the society we live in there are A TON of awful diet suggestions, whether it is a celebrity or even a celebrity doctor. It is hard […]


Last week we talked about the importance of having post workout carbs and protein, but we hadn’t gone in depth about what exactly carbs are. Carbohydrates supply energy to cells in the brain, nervous system, and blood. Carbohydrates also supply energy to muscles during exercise. Now there is a such thing as a good carb […]