I’m sure we all have fallen into what our friends are trying to do to lose weight, or what we have seen on social media. The fact is in the society we live in there are A TON of awful diet suggestions, whether it is a celebrity or even a celebrity doctor. It is hard to decipher what is truly the best way to lose weight now a day. How often do you find yourself trying a new “diet” and as soon as you get off of the diet you either gain all the weight back or more than what you originally lost? Well I have a secret for all of you, it’s all science. Our bodies are meant to function a certain way with certain macro-nutrients. Each macro-nutrient has its purpose in the body. Can our bodies adapt? Most definitely, but is that healthy? The biggest things you want to remember when losing weight are that it’s about consistency, balance, and longevity. Scientifically if you are in a calorie deficit you should be able to lose weight. Now I’m sure you are thinking well fine I’ll just eat once a day or snack throughout the day, or eat whatever you want since it’s just one meal or two a day. WRONG! Your body needs proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats. When you under eat, especially with non-nutrient dense foods, your body is going to store everything you are eating to be able to use it as energy. So by eating these unhealthy foods that are high in trans-fat, carbs, etc. your body is just storing it as fat. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that piece of birthday cake at your son’s birthday party. This is where balance and consistency come in. Be consistent with your food throughout the week. This means making sure you fulfill your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with nutrient dense foods. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Get creative with your food, and come up with recipes that work for you. So next time you are thinking about trying that juice detox, wrap, celery juice, or even keto think about what the body really needs longevity wise.

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