H2O 2.0

     Water consumption is perhaps one of the many things that gets overlooked by most people when it comes down to health and wellness. It’s different from every person on why they find it hard to drink water. One reason is because people tend to want something with flavor or they just genuinely forget […]


Stretching has been something that was taught to us at a young age during P.E class in order to prevent injuries. For the most part, one would stretch before exercise as a source of warm up before the actual warm up, but never after exercise. Have you ever wondered if this is the right way […]


Goal planning is a process of determining what the individual person’s goals are, working towards them, and assessing whether their goals are met or not. Perhaps one of the easiest yet most efficient techniques for setting goals would be to use the SMART acronym: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Let’s break that down one […]

Cardio or resistance training?

Cardio or resistance training? So what should you do to lose weight and get in the best shape?? It has long been said that you should do cardio and high reps for weight loss and heavy resistance training for building muscle. So lifting makes you bulky and cardio makes you skinny right?? Well it’s not […]