Last week we talked about the importance of having post workout carbs and protein, but we hadn’t gone in depth about what exactly carbs are. Carbohydrates supply energy to cells in the brain, nervous system, and blood. Carbohydrates also supply energy to muscles during exercise. Now there is a such thing as a good carb vs a bad carb, but you already knew that right? Some examples of good carbohydrates are grains, fruits, and veggies. The misconception about losing weight is oh I will just cut out all my carbs and I will lose the weight. WRONG! Your body essentially needs carbohydrates to function. What will make a difference is the source that you are getting your carb in take from. With research and studies done the most common percentage of your nutrient in take should be 40-65% of carbohydrates. Crazy right?! So don’t be afraid to eat carbs, but do be afraid of eating the wrong type and the effects after.

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