CARBS! CARBS! CARBS! You guys voted and you shall receive! We are back on the topic of carbs y’all. We’ve gone over the function of carbohydrates in the body, general consumption amount, and discussed how there are good and bad carb choices. The main thing to remember is you should not completely eliminate carbs from your diet. Now I’m sure you’re wondering well if I can’t eat donuts and biscuits what carbs should I eat?  Dependent upon what you’re goal may be whether it be losing weight, maintaining, or putting muscle mass on the options are endless. One thing to keep in mind is there are two types of carbs simple and complex. A simple carb is also referenced as a monosaccharide or disaccharide (the sugars), and a complex carb is also referenced as a polysaccharide (starches and fibers). Simple carbs are going to be considered more often the bad carb because they are low in fiber and nutrients. Some examples of a simple carb would be candy, desserts, sugary cereals, sodas, and refined bread. Complex carbs generally are whole foods that have not been processed and contain essential nutrients. Some examples of these good carbs are whole grain breads and pastas, green vegetables, and fresh fruits. So now I am sure you are wondering how to implement this into my day to day diet.  An easy way of adding carbs through-out the day is to ensure you have a source of carbs with every meal. Breakfast carb options include oatmeal, fruit, or even a slice of whole grain bread. For lunch or dinner you can be sure to have a vegetable( which are great fibrous carbs), potatoes (don’t discriminate red or sweet potatoes are great), or even by adding some rice.

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